About me

I am Andrew Patton, lead front-end engineer at Brandcast. I have lead the front-end effort of putting together a powerful new desktop-class web application for creating, designing, and managing websites based on a fully modern stack (React, Redux, Immutable.js, Flow-type).

If you wish to know more about my work, you can check out some of my projects (plugins and the like) at my github profile or on this website. Also, I try to contribute occasionally to stack overflow.

I have many passions, but considering that this site is all about developing, let me start with my coding passions: client-side web development with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and server-side web development with Node or Python. I also enjoy building iOS apps. Regardless of the language or project, I relentlessly pursue perfection, and find myself compelled to iterate meticulously over everything I build.

In my free time, I like to mess with music and video projects, and when feeling ambitious, share them. Also, I love fermentation and the wonderful things it produces.

You can find more links and info about me at my profile.