About me

Hi! I’m Andrew Patton, founding CTO at Tributary. Previously, I architected and led the front-end engineering effort for Brandcast, a professional web design and publishing platform. To see what that looked like, check out our product designer’s showcase of the platform.

If you wish to know more about my work, you can check out some of my projects (plugins and the like) at my github profile or on this website. Also, I contribute occasionally to stack overflow.

I have many passions, but considering that this site is all about web stuff, let me start with my coding passions: building web applications and serverless backends with React and typed JavaScript (TypeScript or Flow). I also enjoy building iOS apps. Regardless of the language or project, I relentlessly pursue perfection, and find myself compelled to iterate meticulously over everything I build.

In my free time, I like to mess with music and video projects, and when feeling ambitious, share them. Also, I love fermentation and the wonderful things it produces.